Online Case Management Certification Review Course

The Stay at Home Nurse

Program Evaluation

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Online CMCRC Evaluation

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  • Attainment of Objectives:
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    Provide a study guide for those preparing for national certification in case management.
    Share insights into the practice of case management for those new to the field.
    Explain a common platform to better understand the role, function and opportunities bring to the healthcare system.
    Describe information that will improve individual and organizational practice.
    State the challenges the healthcare team as well as consumers of health care face and how effective case management programs can help.
    Have an understanding of the important role case manager’s play in today’s complex healthcare system
    Through listening to the modules, attendees will know where to focus your additional studies and be able to develop your own personalized study plan.
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    Clear and easy to grasp concepts.
    Adhered to stated objectives.
    Adhered to stated objectives.
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    Exhibited knowledge of subject.
    Clear and concise presentation.
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    Appropriate and effective for subject.
    Provided for adequate feedback from attendees.
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    Program was easy to use
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